Who was Patrick?

Message from Ron Paul – read at Patrick’s “Until We Meet Again” Memorial

Patrick Citroni was a tremendous Patriot and leader in the fight for Liberty. I am humbled by the hard work he did both for me and to spread our message of freedom. To lose such a fine young man is a great tragedy. Patrick will be sorely missed.

While we mourn Patrick, I hope we can see through the grief and celebrate his life by continuing his great work. As we fight for our freedoms, we honor Patrick and the road he was so crucial in blazing. Without him, our message would not have spread as it has. We owe it to Patrick to fight on.

I would like to thank Patrick’s friends and family for sharing him with the world. He was a tremendous person, and my heart goes out to all who will miss him so much. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that he accomplished great things in his life, and that he will live on in our heart and memories.

And to Patrick, thank your wonderful contribution. Your family will miss you. Our movement will miss you. And I will miss you. God bless you.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul