Declaration of Independence / US Constitution


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To encourage people everywhere to better understand and appreciate the principles of government that are set forth in America’s founding documents the Patrick J Citroni Liberty Foundation is pleased to distribute this Cato Institute publication of the pocket edition of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America.

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It is our hope to get a personal copy  in the hands of each and every Maryland student.

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Inside Inscription


On the inside cover is an inscription which reads

A Gift from the Founding Fathers  Presented to You.

And also a commemoration

 to the memory of Patrick J Citroni. Patriot for Liberty.  

Keep the U.S. Constitution alive

The Founders drafted an extraordinarily thoughtful plan of government but it is up to us, to each generation to preserve and protect it for ourselves and for future generations. Patrick  would be first to remind you that Government officials must respect their oaths to uphold defend the Constitution and We The People must be eternally vigilant in seeing that they do. And that is a reminder that the constitution will only live if it’s alive in the hearts and minds of the American people.