Patrick J. Citroni Liberty Foundation

Scholarship 2016


Patrick J. Citroni Liberty Foundation -  Scholarship 2017


The Patrick J. Citroni Liberty Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of our annual scholarship opportunity that was created for all 12th grade students enrolled at Franklin High School - Reisterstown. Patrick's Alma Mater.

The scholarship award is to go towards expenses at a college, university, or technical school located in the state of Maryland.

 The Scholarship Award was in the amount of $1000

It was difficult to select the winners among so many well thought out essays.
After much deliberation the following students are the recipients of the 2015 scholarships.

Franklin High School

Steven Chen

It is the hope of the Foundations’  Board of Directors that these recipients and anyone who reads about them maintain an enthusiasm to promote and assert those individual liberties outlined in the Declaration of Independence;  the liberties that we as citizens of the United States are guaranteed.

YMCA - Youth in Government Program

The Patrick J. Citroni Liberty Foundation is pleased to announce our sponsorship of four students to the YMCA - Youth in Government Program. We also presented All the students in the program  with his/her own copy of the Pocket Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. 


The PJC Liberty Foundation thought the students would be better prepared to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and restore Liberty if each student had their own explicit rulebook close at hand. These are our Nation’s founding documents. They were written so the average American citizen - a nation of citizen farmers - could read and understand them.The average Citizen at the time they were written had far less education than the students in this program. So we hope and pray that when these fine students become our future lawmakers they will adhere and restore those principles. The Truths are self evident!


To develop young men and women into strong leaders and better citizens by being both knowledgeable and active in determining the future of our democracy


Maryland Y&G is more than just an organization, a conference, or a program. There is an underlining spirit that holds all of it together and helps to make Y&G special. This spirit engenders the values of fair play, cooperation, integrity and respect. It should be in the forefront of every delegate, advisor, volunteer and YMCA staff member’s mind that we are all in this program under the united desire to learn, have a great time, and to become better people.

The PJC Liberty Foundation was very proud to have participated in the Simulated Congressional Hearings Day at Running Brook Elementary School in Howard County. We addressed the 5th graders about the absolute importance of the Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution and we presented each student with his/her own personal copy.
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